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Grief Circle Participants had this to say...

"We have been fortunate to have such a beautiful bunch of people in the group. My favourite thing about the group is the relationship that has blossomed between us all."

Community Group Grief Circle Participant

One to One Clients had this to say...

"Sharon is an amazing life coach. She is full of enthusiasm and positive energy and has really got to know me as a person in the few sessions we have been working together. She has excellent listening skills and often asks me thought-provoking questions that encourage me to look at issues from a different perspective. Sharon clearly knows her stuff and in each session she shares her knowledge and skills with me. I met Sharon when I was at a crossroads in my life and she has helped me make choices that are right for me. She is non-judgmental and doesn’t make choices for me. Sharon fully gets me and the whole session she is fully focused on my getting out of each session what I want/ need. At the onset, we set clear goals which are reviewed regularly to make sure the sessions are meeting my needs. I never really understood what a life coach was before I met Sharon but I would recommend her without hesitation. I am definitely more focused, confident, and positive with a clearer direction for my life since working with her. Sharon seems to know exactly what I want/ need from each session and that is what she delivers".

Chester, England

"Sharon is one of the most kind-hearted, compassionate people I’ve ever met! She’s helped me cope with the terminal illness of a great friend of mine and I’ve always felt safe to talk to her about anything! Sharon has had such an impact on my life already! She has a very unique and special, kind, warm energy around her that draws us in, and she always knows what to say to make me feel comfortable. She is someone around whom I can be 100% myself and turn to whenever I need her. I love the way she works, she is so positive and radiant and is able to literally transmute any negative energy into something brilliant, positive and just wonderful! I’d recommend Sharon to absolutely anyone who needs a helping hand when things get tough, because be it as a life coach, as a life purpose coach or as a grief coach, she will certainly change your life."

Saint-Affrique, France

"Sharon is a beacon of positive energy. She combines down to earth wisdom with empathy, humour and compassion and is a gifted communicator and skilled life coach. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for some confidence and support to take the next step in finding their purpose or reaching their goals. Sharon is a person that makes a real difference".

Donegal, Ireland

"Sharon is a fantastic coach, who has helped make improvements in my professional and personal life.  Her experience and expertise allowed me to approach challenges with a different mindset and be held accountable for areas in my life that I wanted to improve.  She is empathetic, patient and genuine".

Derry, Northern Ireland

"Sharon is an empathetic soul, with a great listening ear who has helped me process my way through many days when I struggled to see the brighter side of life.  Working with Sharon is something that will be sure to bring positive energy into your life and a newfound ability to look at your challenges and see what you can do to overcome them.  I cannot recommend her enough.  The world needs more Sharons".

Leeds, England

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